How to Use SLIKS

To key out something with an existing data set:

Click on the file SLIKS.html (or PDASLIKS.html) to start. Note that it might also be called by the name of a taxon (e.g. Acer.html).

The buttons at the top do the following:

"Matching Taxa"   pares down the list at the right to only those taxa that have the states that you have indicated by checking boxes in the set of characters at the left.

"Applicable Chars"  (versions 1.0-1.9 only - the character set defaults to this automatically in later versions) is used after you have used at least once.  It pares the list of characters at the left down to only those characters that differ among the remaining taxa listed at the right.

"Best" Reports the number of taxa remaining with a character state after the description of that character state. It makes your choice of characters much more efficient but can slow your computer on large data sets..

restarts the identification process and clears the memory.

"About" well just press that one and see.

"Help" is self expalanatory

"Lookup" You can higlight any word in the Character Area (the left block) and hit the "Lookup' button.  A new window  will open with the definition of the term from  Google.  This is an easy parameter to change in SLIKS and some keys may be mapped to look up terms elsewhere.

"Describe Remaining Taxa" prints out full descriptions of the taxa remaining in your set of possibilities.

The "Keep all characters visible" box lets you keep all characters visible in versions 2.0 on, which default to showing only the applicable characters in the menu. You won't likely need this but it is useful in teaching applciactions sometimes.

And on the right....

Clicking on the "D" button in front of any taxon at the right gives you the entire list of characters with their states for that taxon.
Clicking on the "R" button next to any chosen character on the right removes that choice and recalculates the list of potential taxa without it.
Clicking on the taxon name itself sends you to the web page or image that is indicated in the character matrix for that taxon. Some keys have added icons for multiple data sources.

To make your own data set for SLIKS you need to look at "How to make the data file"   and make a file called "data.js" the only thing to do after that is put that file into the same directory/folder as the other SLIKS programs and click on the file SLIKS.html (or PDASLIKS.html) to start.  If the folder is web enabled, SLIKS will run on the web the same way that it does on your computer. Just make a link to the SLIKS.html file in your web pages.

Page last updated: 29 Nov. 2004
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