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WARNING: You must copy the files to a new folder after opening your downloaded .zip file

Current Version Download:

SLIKS Version 2.4 - This version inlcudes the SLIKSMaker program for making datasets.  has Lookup, removeable choices, a character choice optimization algorithm, paragraph like descriptions etc. but it only runs perfectly in full Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To use it, just unzip it, copy the files to a new folder (this confirms that you actually extracted them fully), open the SLIKS.js file in Notepad (it's on all windows systems) and fill in your data according to the directions.  Or just use SLIKSMaker to build a new dataset.

Then click on SLIKS.html to see your key.

When you can do that you might want to do some advanced options such as:
Note that SLIKS versions 2.0 on no longer support multistate "characters".  They are based on yes/no character states.
This makes it much easier to integrate data sets and to manage multiple keys. It also makes much more powerful  and strightforward character optimization algorithms useable.

  Follow the
directions and feel free to email me if you have questions.

NEW SLIKSMaker Version 2
This version lets you pick up and edit input files that you have already made.

Note: If you are running Symantec Anti-Virus Software, you will have to specifically allow SLIKS to run locally on your machine.

Just copy this file to a directory on your computer or PDA (it runs from flash memory cards too), unzip it, and click on SLIKS.html (or SLIKSPDA.html)
Note: different internet connections and browsers allow different kinds of zipped files to download, thus there are different options for each file - as well as the Alternate method at the bottom of the page. One will work for you

Older Versions:


SLIKS 1.4 = With Google Lookup & Help Button.
(runs in MS Internet Explorer, Safari & Opera)

SLIKS Version  1.2 = 10X faster on large data sets (runs in MS Internet Explorer, Safari & Opera)     

SLIKS Version  1.1 (runs in MS Internet Explorer, Safari & Opera)     


SLIKS for PDA vers.1.1 (for Pocket PC 2003 or later)
Note: In order to use this on a PDA, you need to extract the files on a PC and then copy them to the PDA. The program runs perfectly well from a flash memory card if you don't want to take up valuable real estate in your PDAs core memory.

Older Versions:

SLIKS 1.0 (I haven't found a modern browser that it won't run on)

Alternate download method:

The files that you need for the basic SLIKS download are:


Just click on each link then right click and save the file. Be careful to save it with the same name.

Page last updated 29 June 2008