Welcome the SLIKSMAKER

A program and tutorial designed to help you make the data file for a SLIKS interactive Key. Just follow the steps.

Note that the downloadable version lets you pick up and reuse an existing file and it has more features.

STEP 1. Tell us how many taxa and how many character states you will be entering for each taxon. Then hit the "Make the Input Table" button below.

It is important to note that this version of SLIKS uses only binary (present/absent) characters, a.k.a. character states. For example, rather than having a "Petal Color" character with the states "Red", "Blue" and "Yellow", you will simply have three charater states: "Petals Red", "Petals Blue" and "Petals Yellow". Please determine the numbers carefully because you will not be able to add or subtract taxa or character states later.

Number of Taxa:
Number of Character States: